A Guide To Working With Models: For Upcoming Photographers


You might decide to start using models in your photography to expand your horizons or specialize in photographing people. You can even use friends or family as models or choose to work with professional models independently, through websites or through an agency. All this depends on how you would like to experiment with your photography and what your aims are.

Getting started

First plan out the type of photo shoot you would want to carry out and envision how creative you would like to get. Don’t forget to take you budget into consideration too. You can start by going through websites like Model Mayhem, Facebook or Instagram and your own contacts too. Always be clear in communicating with the models on what type of shoot you are doing and what you expect of them. You can reach out to them by e-mail or phone. Inform them of what will be taking place during shooting, wardrobe and makeup changes including what the working hours are like.

Selecting Models and Test Shoots

It is better to go with a test shoot before proceeding ahead, to observe what lighting, camera angles and what back drops or poses would fit into the type of photographs you will be taking. Modeling agencies will always need a variety of photos for models and they will go through your portfolio or do a test shoot to get a clearer idea of you work. Once you are in the photography studio hire models that you think will bring out the best in your vision.

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Working Together

When interacting with your subjects maintain a polite, friendly and professional manner. Not only will relaxed happy models translate onto a photograph, but you will have better chances of creating a great working relationship and encourage more models to work with you. It would be ideal to start out working with friends and acquaintances before tackling professional models and agencies. Even some upcoming photographers might need help with wardrobe or makeup. When working in your photography studio hire a friend who would like to gain more experience as a make-up artist or wardrobe stylist. Getting together people who need experience will help everyone learn something new and reduce expenses as well.

Modeling Agency or Independent Models

If you have decided to go through an agency or with professional models there will be procedures that you need to follow. This includes getting them to sign a contract with the terms and conditions and a model release form after each shoot. So some upcoming photographers go for non-agency models who will require experience and exposure to the industry.