What Are Must Shots Of A Wedding Videography?

This is a huge world with lot of different regions and religions. Each region and religion is bound to their own respective customs and traditions. However, one thing which is equally celebrated and is considered as the most pious event is the wedding event or ceremony. Even though the dress code, wedding ceremony or rituals may vary from region to region but the basic concept of the wedding ceremony remains the same all across the world. This concept is of the eternal bond of the two individual beings. Some people want their wedding ceremony to be an intimate occasion while others want to celebrate it in the big level. No matter if the wedding ceremony is on smaller scale or in larger scale but one thing is a must which is wedding videographer and photographer. Every wedding ceremony has at least one wedding videographer who can carry out wedding videography and that is exactly how things should be because this video is going to be cherished by the couple and their future generations for the rest of their lives. In this article, we will be discussing about the must shots of a Gledswood Hills wedding photographer.

Pre-event wedding videography shots:

Wedding videography does not start with main event rather it begins even before that. There are some such pre-events shots which must be included in the wedding video. The bride and groom getting ready for the ceremony can be counted as one such shot. Besides that, the banquet or hall where wedding ceremony is being held must also be video graphed. The decorations of flowers and the setting of tables is another necessary shot.

Wedding videography shots of the main event:

Main event or wedding ceremony must be captured in a video quite carefully because a single moment of negligence can result in the loss of a precious moment. Groom waiting for the bride and the bride entrance in the room are the two most important shots of the perfect same sex wedding photographer in Gledswood Hills. Bride walking down an aisle along with her father, people applaud and father handing over her daughter to the groom are some of the most precious moments which must be added in the wedding video. The vows, kiss, dance of the couple and throwing off the bouquet towards the bride maids are also must shots of the wedding videography.

Wedding  videography shots of the reception:

Then there are some necessary shots of the reception which must be included in the wedding videography. These shots may vary from the family members enjoying the ceremony to the bride maids and grooms men raising a toast for the couple.


Wedding videography is the process of capturing the series of visual images in a camera in such a way that no precious moment is lost from the eye of camera. There are some such shots which must be included in every wedding video. “Faure Valletta photography” offers the expert services of wedding videography.