Your Home Wedding Ideas

If you feel like what you need is a simple, quiet and intimate wedding; then having it at your home is what would be ideal! This is extremely affordable, and you can do all the work by yourself if you start early enough. A lot of individuals are opting for home weddings as in this way, they don’t have to be bossed around by anyone and everything can be done according to their liking! However, there is a lot of work involved, and each of these steps are to be done carefully and in an organized manner so that nothing gets left behind.

The decoration

This is the most important aspect of any big day, and you have to pay enough attention to this aspect. The decoration depends on the theme that you have picked, and make sure it fits perfectly around every corner of your house. Do not make the decoration look overly cramped, or too much as this will give a very cramped look. Make sure you let the great wedding photography captures every little item of your decoration in an excellent manner.

Have a checklist ready

By having your big day right at home, the number of responsibilities you may have will also increase, therefore remember to always have a checklist ready. This list is what will help you get through everything and make everything easier leading up to the big day. Whether or not you’re a lists person depends on you, but making a list will surely organize things a tad bit more!

DIY your way through

Another great idea is to make things on your own. This is not only easy, but extremely affordable as well. If you are a creative or know someone who is artsy and creative, then this is an excellent idea for you! Make sure you learn the ways of doing something in the correct way before attempting it a few times. All you will have to do is watch a few videos and understand how things work!


The other main factor is to recheck and double check all the bookings you have made. Whether it is the wedding photographer from reputed company of Clark+Walker Studio or the catering business, always call and re-check. Make sure you give them the correct directions and book them well in advance so that you will not be disappointed in anyway!These are a few ideas and tips to help you bring your home wedding to life and make it the way you have always dreamt of.